Dead By Daylight: 5 Updates The Community is Begging For

Dead by Daylight has been out for quite a few years now, and there have been huge improvements to the game. Those of you that played Dead By Daylight back in 2016 when it came out probably remember how awful it really was.

Most killers were literally face-camping with no way of getting punished. (It’s still a thing!) But now the Survivors have Decisive Strike thanks to the Halloween expansion. (We love you, Laurie!)

Dead by Daylight was released 6 years ago, and there’s still room for improvements, instead of working on new cosmetics and battle passes which seem to be a priority to the developers of Dead by Daylight.

We’ve made a list of five future updates that the Dead by Daylight community has been begging for years to be implemented without getting an official response from Behavior Interactive, the developers of Dead by Daylight.

#1 – Better Hitboxes.


How many times have you successfully vaulted over a window or moved out of line of sight and still get hit by the killer? For me, it’s happening at least a dozen times a day!

Even by playing as the killer, I’ve regularly had moments where I go, “Damn, that huntress hatchet shouldn’t be a hit!”

When it comes to prediction, killers that require aiming like Huntress and Deathslinger, the hitboxes in Dead by Daylight really show off how bad it is.

Now let’s keep it real, there have been improvements to the hitboxes in Dead by Daylight. Unfortunately it still doesn’t live up to the standard that you would expect for a multi-million dollar company.

#2 – More Game modes

Imagine a game mode with two killers and eight survivors. That would be a blast, wouldn’t it?

Sure it would be a total mess and most likely require some tweaking like more generators or overall slower repairing speed and also a way to punish camping killers. But it’s still very possible.

There’s not enough players for more game modes

We all know that’s not a fact. If we compare Dead by Daylight against Paladins. Dead by Daylight has 3 times more players than Paladins, a 6v6 shooter game like Overwatch.

Steam charts show that Dead by Daylight has 45,976 concurrent players, and Paladins has 14,527.

Dead by Daylight has one game mode compared to Paladins with three quick play game modes, ranked and arcade.

Why can’t Dead by Daylight have more game modes? The short answer would be: It’s not a priority, and it doesn’t increase revenue.

Dead By Daylight is Behavior Interactive’s biggest cash cow. Compared to the other games they have published and/or developed. In 2020 the Dead by Daylight franchise alone brought in close to $86.3M out of $118.6M.

New game modes are something the community would love to see, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon as there have been no words from the developers.

#3 – Proper Competitive Feeling


Dead by Daylight has a ranked system where the player starts at rank 20 and by doing well inside a game. The player gains one or two “pips,” and after you’ve reached X amount of pips, you climb up to the next rank.

The “ranking up” system itself is decent. As a survivor, you have to do objectives, unhook and heal your fellow survivors and play with the killer. As the killer, you have to initiate chases and hook survivors. You also get somewhat punished by camping a hooked survivor.

Now let’s be real. The current ranked system is very dull and doesn’t feel rewarding. I’ve personally been rank 1 as both killer and Survivor since I started playing and after getting the achievements. You really don’t care about your rank anymore.

I’ve asked various veteran Dead by Daylight players, and here’s a quick summary of what the ranked system should have:

  • Unique skins that the player can only unlock by reaching certain ranks. An example would be: By reaching rank 3 as a Survivor or killer. The player should unlock a good-looking cosmetic.
  • Season Rewards – A season in Dead by Daylight is one month long and resets on the 13th of every month. You then go back a few ranks, and that’s it! No rewards, no bloodpoints…Nothing! I’m a firm believer that a season reward shouldn’t be game-changing. But a few cosmetic items for each season based on the rank you achieve would make Dead by Daylight more competitive and feel rewarding.

#4 – Fix Connection Issues


You’ve waited five minutes to find a game, and boom, you get disconnected from the game and have to start searching for a new one. Even though your connection is just fine, this is an issue that has been in Dead by Daylight since release, and sure there have been updates to Dead by Daylight that improves connection and overall stability. But it’s not enough.

Let’s take some of the $118.6M annual revenue and actually improve our servers.

It’s something the Dead by Daylight community would appreciate but the same as with the hitboxes. It doesn’t bring in further revenue to improve their servers, and we will probably see a Leatherface not camping near the hook before we see the servers being improved.

#5 – Game balance

If you’re just started out or are playing in the beginner ranks. The game is pretty balanced; in some games, you win, while in other games, you lose. It’s just like it should be!

Fast forward a few hundred hours in-game, and you start realizing that Dead by Daylight is either killer-sided or survivor-sided. Depending on what the recent update looks like.

“It’s hard to find the perfect balance.”

While balancing a game is extremely difficult and most if not all popular games have something or someone that is better than the rest. It’s still something that the developers should address. And not ignore, I’ve never heard a developer update in Dead by Daylight where they say that they are addressing the game balance.


I do not hate on Dead by Daylight nor its developers. It’s, in fact, a game that I deeply care about, and I think it’s worth bringing up the issues and not hiding them and hoping for the best.

To further increase the player base and stop veterans from quitting the game, these 5 future updates would be perfect to have in Dead by Daylight.

Do you agree with these future updates in Dead by Daylight? Let us know what you think!

Hello! I'm W3YBACK and I formerly played Overwatch for NRG but have since 2018 moved on to Dead by Daylight. I write about builds and guides for DBDMeta. In-game I flex between killer and survivor and have been rank 1 with both since I started playing DBD.

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