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Michael Myers was introduced into Dead By Daylight as the first official DLC which launched on October 25th, 2016 to kick off the Halloween season. Known in-game as “The Shape”, Myers is often cited as a center point for balance within the roster of killers available within the game. The Shape can easily turn a losing match into a sweeping victory with strong use of his power. 


Power Explanation:

The Shape starting in tier 1 and transitioning through tier 3 and back to tier 2.

Tier 1 (Evil Within I)

The Shape’s power is called Evil Within. The Shape stalks survivors to increase his power. Evil Within starts at tier 1 upon entering a match. In tier 1, The Shape has the Undetectable status effect which gives him the following: reduces his terror radius to 0, emits no red stain to indicate the direction he is looking, and is immune to aura-reading perks like Object of Obsession. The Shape also suffers from a drastically reduced lunge distance and moves at a slower pace while in tier 1.

Tier 1 Tip

You can take advantage of The Shape’s stealthy first tier by getting a free hit or grab on unsuspecting survivors working on objectives. Keep in mind this will be more difficult to pull off against more skilled survivors with better awareness.


Tier 2 (Evil Within II)

You want to be able to maintain map pressure throughout the course of the trial. The Shape is slow in tier 1 so you should seek to reach tier 2 as soon as possible. The most effective way to do this is to skirt the outside of the map and position The Shape behind trees or other objects to catch survivors off-guard. Stalk them from a distance while you are concealed this way.

The Shape’s ability icon will fill and a sound will play. This indicates you have leveled up to tier 2 after stalking survivors for some time. The Shape now loses his Undetectable status effect and its accompanying benefits but receives increased movement speed and lunge distance. The Shape is still somewhat of a sneaky killer. Most of his stats compare to the average killer in tier 2 however his terror radius only moves up to 16 meters instead of the normal 32 meters. The Shape also receives an increase to his vaulting speed.

Tier 3 (Evil Within III)

From here on out, The Shape will stay in Evil Within 2 without regressing back to tier 1. You can continue to stalk survivors to fill his power gauge. The Shape will enter tier 3 when the bar fills completely. You will hear his iconic Halloween music which will alert everyone in the match. In this tier, The Shape’s terror radius increases to 32 meters. The Shape also receives increased lunge distance and even faster vaulting speed. Survivors receive the exposed status effect while you are in tier 3. The Shape can now put any survivor into the dying state immediately. Without add-ons, The Shape has 60 seconds to use his threatening new power to create pressure around the map. After 60 seconds, the gauge will deplete and The Shape will re-enter tier 2. This process is repeatable a limited number of times.

Tier 3 Tip

It is best to fill your power gauge nearly to max when in tier 2 and save it (See image above). Locate a survivor and get as close as possible. Stalk the survivor for a split second to fill the gauge completely to enter tier 3 and down the survivor immediately. Be wary of pallets or windows the survivor may have access too so that are not able to escape you easily after you enter tier 3.


Power Limitations:

A survivor that: has not been stalked / has been somewhat stalked / has been fully stalked

Survivors have a limit on how much they can be stalked in a trial. This is indicated by how red the survivor becomes while being stalked. The Shape will not receive any increase to his power gauge when a survivor has been fully stalked. Use this to your advantage by stalking survivors as much as you can before they are sacrificed. By doing this you should be able to reach tier 3 about three or four times per match. You want to maximize the amount of time spent in tier 3. If you sacrifice a survivor early without completely stalking them, you risk losing map pressure throughout the match. Furthermore, you cannot stalk survivors if they are too far away or hiding behind most objects. The corn on the Coldwind Farm maps makes stalking very difficult as well.


Builds and Notable Add-ons 

The Standard Build: 

Monitor & Abuse: Using this perk will allow you to take advantage of his smaller than average terror radius. This will allow you to get the jump on survivors before they can react. Monitor & Abuse reduces your terror radius by 8 meters when not in a chase and increases by 8 meters when in a chase. It also provides a field of view increase. 

Whispers: Use this perk to help locate survivors throughout the match. It will be especially useful early game to sneak up on survivors to stalk them or in the late game when 1 or 2 survivors remain. The perk will light up and emit a sound to you when a survivor is in range of the perk. 

Infectious Fright: This perk helps The Shape snowball a match and maximize the strength of his tier 3 power. If you manage to down someone while in tier 3, this perk will alert you if any other survivors are in your terror radius. Infectious Fright paired with Monitor & Abuse is especially effective. When you are in a chase, Monitor & Abuse will increase your terror radius. This in turn will increase the radius that Infectious Fright will detect nearby survivors. 

For the last perk, we recommend any perk that will help you control gen progression. Some of these perks include: Hex: Ruin, Corrupt Intervention, and Pop Goes the Weasel. Strong survivors will know how to rotate priorities well, so you want to ensure you are able to slow them down a bit. If you are more experienced and feel comfortable, we recommend Save the Best for Last or Barbecue and Chili. The Shape’s snowball potential will be aided by optional perks such as these.

Standard Build Recommended Add-ons:

For this standard build, add-ons to look out for are any of the ones the increase the rate at which you stalk survivors and increase your time spent in tier 3. J. Myers Memorial and Lock of Hair are the best quality add-ons in each category respectively. However, any of the lower quality yellow and brown add-ons that provide the same effect will work too. 

The final load-out for this build should look like this: 

A standard Shape load-out.

Niche Builds for The Shape:

The Shape is known to be a very versatile killer with a variety of play styles. Here are a couple more builds to try if you’re feeling up to the challenge.  

The Spook-tacular Scratched Mirror Myers: 

A build to ensure great jump scares.

This build focuses on using the Scratched Mirror add-on as a center point of the build. This add-on allows you to see survivor auras within 32 meters while stalking. The Shape is able to see through walls as well while using Scratched Mirror. You will want to run this load-out with the Boyfriend’s Memo add-on. This add-on will increase The Shape’s lunge distance while in tier 1. Remember that tier 1 has a very short lunge distance. In this build, you will be in tier 1 the entire time. Therefore, this add-on will help you secure hits. You will want to run any indoor map offering of your choice. This build does not work well in open maps as survivors will spot you easily and simply run away. The perks featured in this load-out are Play With Your Food, Brutal Strength, Sloppy Butcher, and Hex: Ruin.

Scratched Mirror Perks Explained:

Play With Your Food: The Shape moves slower than normal while in tier 1. This perk allows you to increase your movement speed by entering a chase with your obsession and then exiting the chase. You will earn a token every time you do this, up to a maximum of three. Each token you receive will increase your movement speed by 5% (If using the tier 3 version of the perk). You lose a token every time you attack.

Brutal Strength: This perk will help you knock down pallets faster. The Shape is simply too slow with this build to move around certain tiles in the map. Brutal Strength will help you get rid of pallets quickly without wasting too much time.

Sloppy Butcher: The Scratched Mirror build is great for landing first hits. Sloppy Butcher reduces the healing speed of the survivors by inflicting them with the Mangled status effect. This perk aims to help slow the survivors down and gives you more of an opportunity to catch them off guard. Sloppy Butcher will also cause survivors to receive the Hemorrhaging status effect. This status effect will increase the frequency in which pools of blood spawn below an injured survivor.

Hex: Ruin: This perk aims to slow the survivors down even further. When no survivors are working on a partially repaired generator it will regress. If you prefer another perk that slow generator progression, it will work just as well.


The Tier 3 Trickery: 

Surprise survivors by one-hitting them while undetected.

This build focuses around the add-on Fragrant Tuft of Hair to remain in tier 3 indefinitely. The recommended perks aid to conceal your terror radius and make you a silent and deadly threat. This build is much more difficult to make successful than the previous ones mentioned.

Tier 3 Trickery Perks Explained:

Dark Devotion: When you strike your obsession, they will emit a 32 meter terror radius and cause you to gain the Undetectable status effect for 30 seconds. All survivors, including the recently struck obsession, will hear the terror radius. This perk allows you to throw off survivors and sneak up on them while in tier 3.

Trail of Torment: When you kick a generator you will gain the Undetectable status effect. The Undetectable status effect will last until you perform a hostile action like an attack or until the generator stop regressing. This perk is another means to have no terror radius in the hopes you will catch an unsuspecting survivor while in tier 3. When you activate this perk, the generator’s aura becomes yellow and is shown to all survivors in the trial. Survivors will be more wary if they notice this aura. You are only able to trigger Trail of Torment once every 60 seconds.

Pop Goes The Weasel: Since you will be kicking generators to activate Trail of Torment, this perk aids in generator regression while you do so. After hooking a survivor the next generator you kick will regress by 25% (when the perk is at tier 3).

Infectious Fright: Infectious Fright alerts you of nearby survivors in your terror radius when you put one into the dying state. This perk serves to help The Shape snowball and catch nearby survivors that may be hiding. It is important to remember that if Dark Devotion is active, putting a survivor into the dying state will not cause nearby survivors to scream. This is because you will have the Undetectable status effect and therefore emit no terror radius.


We hope these builds bring some fright and excitement into your trials.

See you in the fog!

Update Log

17.10.2021 Updated for Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter “Hour of the Witch”

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