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Welcome to my Leatherface build for Dead by Daylight. In this guide, we will go through one of the best killers if you’re starting out in Dead by Daylight. We will go through good perks for Leatherface and how to play him properly.

I have gotten myself up to rank 3 as the killer with this build, which proves that this build is optimal for the end game.

The sole purpose of this build is to farm bloodpoints to unlock better perks while winning your games.

By reading this guide, I assume you would have a basic understanding of how Leatherface works, like his chainsaw tantrum ability.

Make sure you bookmark this build since I will update it for any patch coming to Dead by Daylight. This build will always be up to date with the recent patch.

Pros & Cons

My Leatherface build is perfect for farming bloodpoints but lacks in slowing down the game speed. It can be not easy against experienced survivors.

With this build, you will gain between 60.000-120.000 bloodpoints for each game. Depending on how well you perform.

  • Very good for farming bloodpoints
  • Beginner friendly and easy to acquire all needed perks.
  • OK map awareness due to Thrill of the Hunt perk.
  • My Leatherface build lacks in slowing down the game speed due to no Hex: Ruin but makes up for it with high bloodpoints gain.


Leatherface Build

For my Leatherface build. Focus on unlocking these perks first

Slot 1: Barbecue & Chili

Reveals any survivor further than 40 meters for 4 seconds when hooking a survivor. It also gives you a 25% bonus to your total bloodpoints. The bonus goes up to 100% when you have the very-rare version of the perk, which you should obviously aim to get. Barbecue & Chili is a must-have and will be unlocked for OTHER killers when you level up Leatherface to LVL 35. But you can unlock this perk for Leatherface any time. 

Barbecue & Chili is one of the best killer perks, which is why Leatherface is an optimal killer if you’re just starting out. You should aim to get this perk as soon as you can!

Slot 2: Franklin’s Demise

When you hit a survivor with your basic attack (M1), the survivor drops any equipped item such as a flashlight, medkit, or toolbox.

If no survivor picks up the item within 90 seconds, the item will disappear from the map. You want to equip Franklin’s Demise to stop loopers and flashlight spamming survivors. 

Leatherface lacks mobility and can be looped easily when matched with experienced survivors. This perk definitely puts more pressure on the survivors. Try to get the very-rare version of this perk. 

Franklin’s Demise is also a Leatherface perk, which will be unlocked to other killers when you reach level 40 with Leatherface.

Then focus on the remaining perks.

Slot 3: Distressing

Your terror radius increases by 26% but gives you an extra 100% bloodpoints in the deviousness category. You want to run this perk with Barbecue & Chili to gain lots of bloodpoints after every game. Extra bloodpoints in the deviousness category definitely makes up for the increased terror radius.

This perk is a GLOBAL killer perk, which means that it can be unlocked on any killer; it doesn’t require you to level up any killer. Always try to unlock the very-rare version since it increases the number of bloodpoints you will get after the game is done.

Slot 4: Hex: Thrill of the Hunt / Hex: Ruin (If unlocked!)

The thrill of the Hunt gives you an extra 10% bloodpoints after the game in the hunting category. There is a total of five dull totems on the map. If no survivor cleanses any totem, you will get 50% extra bloodpoints in the hunting category. This number decreases by 10% for each dull totem a survivor cleanse.

The thrill of the Hunt also reveals any survivor that is currently cleansing a totem and moderately reduces their cleansing speed. You want to equip this perk to earn as many bloodpoints as possible. 

The thrill of the Hunt is a global killer perk, so you don’t need to level up any killer before unlocking this perk.

If you have The Hag on level 35, you can swap Thrill of the Hunt for Hex: Ruin, your bloodpoint gains will be lower, but the game speed slows down significantly. Use Hex: Ruin if you are getting generator rushed.

How to play my Leatherface build

When the game begins, you want to check out the generators far away from you. A survivor is most likely working on one of them. If they are carrying an item, you want to initiate with a basic melee attack to remove their item from the game. Focus on downing them fast and hook them anywhere on the map. If you succeed, you want to quickly look around to see if barbecue & chili revealed any other survivor. If no survivor was revealed, you want to proximity camp the survivor you put on the hook and wait for any survivor to rescue their friend.

Managing Barbecue & Chili

When you see another survivor, you want to focus on building up your Barbecue & Chili stacks. Since this build is all about farming bloodpoints, you want to get your barbecue & chili stacks to 4 as soon as possible.

If a survivor is good at looping

Every now and then, you will run into survivors that are really good at looping, it happens for all of us, and it’s no big deal! If you can’t hit one attack on them. Reset and look for other survivors and try to catch the looper later on. Good loopers rarely do generators and want you to chase them all game; there’s no need for you to get stuck in a cat and mouse chase.

Suppose you are getting looped in the beginning. Try to make the looper drop as many pallets as possible and always break them. This will make it very hard for survivors to loop you late game when there are no pallets anywhere.

Understanding the “3 Generator camp.”

Leatherface Build

When there are three generators left for the survivors to finish repairing before the exit gates open, you want to look around and find three generators that are very close to each other. If you don’t see any survivors, you want to run between these three generators since the survivors need to repair one of them to open the exit gates. This is a method that most experienced killers use, and it works out most of the time!

So pick three generators that are close to each other and don’t let the survivors repair them! Successfully camping three generators will be hard considering we don’t run Hex: Ruin or Overcharge with this build. But it should give you enough time to find survivors and get your barbecue stacks up!

Knowing when to basic attack & chainsaw

Leatherface Build

For this Leatherface build. It would be best to use your chainsaw in open terrain where there are no pallets and not many objects between you and the survivor. Suppose you can’t hit the chainsaw in one sweep. Refresh it until you hit the survivor. The charge meter for Leatherface has a very low cooldown; by the time you find the next survivor, you should have maximum charges.
If a survivor has an item equipped, you should try to hit them with a basic attack due to us running Franklin’s Demise with this build. Basic attacks should also be used if a survivor is looping around windows or playing close to pallets. A basic attack does not instantly down a survivor but puts way more pressure on them; it’s always good to go for a basic attack if you cannot chainsaw them.

Offerings & Add-ons for my Leatherface Build

Leatherface Build

Always try to spend any offering that increases your bloodpoints; we are running three perks that boost our overall gain in bloodpoints. Down the below, I will mention in order which ones you should get and equip.

  • Survival Pudding: Adds another 100% to total gains in bloodpoints. With perks, we are looking at a 250% increase in bloodpoints. Whenever you see a survival pudding in the blood web, try to get it!
  • Bloody Party Streamers: Adds 100% to total gains in bloodpoints for all players. Try to use your Bloody Party Streamers when you’re not up against premade survivors since you will most likely get generator rushed.
  • Anything that gives you a 75% bonus: If you don’t have a Survival pudding or Bloody Party Streamers. It would be best if you try to use any offering that gives you a 75% bonus. There’s no specific category that you should try to get offerings in! Just use them in any game you can.

Add-ons for Leatherface make your games easier. As you level up Leatherface, you should unlock these add-ons whenever available in the blood web.

  • Rusted Chain: Any survivor hit by your chainsaw gets the broken effect for 90 seconds. Keep in mind this does not apply to basic attacks. 
  • The Beast’s Marks: Increases your movement speed at the cost of increasing your chainsaw’s charge time. Use with Rusted Chain. Increased movement speed makes up for the charge time, meaning you will reach your target faster than without the add-on.
  • Chili: Increased dash duration when you’re swinging your chainsaw. Chili also increases the range of your basic attack.
  • Knife Scratches: It has the same effect as The Beast’s Marks, but it’s a bit weaker. Use only with Beast’s marks.

Update Log

17.10.2021 Updated for Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter “Hour of the Witch”


Hello! I'm W3YBACK and I formerly played Overwatch for NRG but have since 2018 moved on to Dead by Daylight. I write about builds and guides for DBDMeta. In-game I flex between killer and survivor and have been rank 1 with both since I started playing DBD.

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