Dead by Daylight – Best Deathslinger Build to get Rank 1

The best Deathslinger Build to get Rank 1


Welcome to the Deathslinger build to achieve rank 1 in Dead by Daylight. Our Deathslinger build is optimized for higher ranks and puts a lot of pressure on the survivors. If you are new to the game, I recommend you take a look at our beginner builds. In this build, I will provide several perk setups that you can use. We are focusing on map control and slowing down the game speed while putting a lot of pressure on the survivors.

Pros & Cons

  • + Excellent map control.
  • + Crazy pressure on all survivors.
  • + Slows down the game speed.
  • + Very good if you have good game sense and know all the maps.
  • – Bad if you are not good at aiming with Deathslinger’s speargun.
  • – Can be bad if you lose your hex totem early.

Required perks for our Deathslinger build

We are switching between two perk setups for this build, so you need to have several teachable perks unlocked to run this build successfully. Here’s a list of all perks you should aim to unlock.

  • Thanatophobia – Requires Nurse level 35.
    Used in both our setups. Thanatophobia helps us slow down the game even more.
  • A Nurse’s Calling – Requires Nurse level 40.
    We use this perk if we are going into close-quartered maps. We don’t use A Nurse’s Calling on bigger maps.
  • Corrupt intervention – Requires Plague level 30.
    We’re always going to run this perk on the bigger and more open maps, such as The MacMillan Estate and Springwood. Corrupt Intervention unnecessary on close-quartered maps like Lery’s and Hawkins. 
  • Barbecue & Chili – Requires Leatherface level 35.
    Powerful killer perk used in both our setups, due to the blood points bonus and seeing survivors when hooking one.
  • Hex: Ruin – Requires Hag level 35.
    Best perk for slowing down the game speed in a trial.
  • Dead Man’s Switch – Is a Deathslinger perk and shouldn’t be too hard to unlock.
    We are running this perk in one of our setups. Due to Dead Man’s Switch being a Deathslinger perk, it is not hard to unlock.
  • Monitor & Abuse – Requires Doctor level 35.
    We use Monitor & Abuse in our first perk set up because of the decrease in terror radius. I prefer using this when I’m playing on bigger maps, but it works well on any map.
  • Save the Best for Last – Requires Shape level 30
    Requires you to pay attention to who the obsession is since we do not want to attack them. Adds up to 40% decreased cooldown when attacking.

First Perk Setup

Our main build for Deathslinger. We run this setup unless we know that we’re entering a close-quartered map. The first three perks are needed, and the last slot depends on your playstyle and may be swapped out for any other perk that we suggest.

Deathslinger Setup

Slot 1: Thanatophobia.
Slows down survivor actions except healing by an additional 20%. Equip always!

Slot 2: Hex: Ruin.
Generators are going to get repaired quickly if we don’t slot Hex: Ruin. We want to slow down the game speed as much as we can with this build. The focus should be on keeping survivors busy from looking for our hex totem.

Slot 3: Barbecue & Chilli.
It allows us to see survivors when we hook someone. Very good if a survivor is trying to repair a generator that is far away from us. It also adds 100% blood points after the trial. Barbecue & Chili should always be equipped as Deathslinger.

Slot 4: Optional Perk

List of optional perks to run with the first setup

Dead Man’s Switch: Works well with barbecue & chilli. When the obsession gets hooked, we want to move towards survivors repairing a generator to block the generator for up to 45 seconds. If your Hex: Ruin totem is active, the generator(s) will regress. Dead Man’s Switch helps us control the game.

Sloppy Butcher: On successful attacks, the survivor becomes mangled and slows down healing speed by 20%. If you are running sloppy butcher, always try to shoot survivors with Deathslinger’s speargun. If they getaway, they have to heal themself for almost a minute, unless they have a medkit. Sloppy butcher has no requirement and can be unlocked anytime.

Monitor & Abuse Increases our field of view by 10° and decreases our terror radius to 16 meters when we are not chasing a survivor. It helps us get closer to survivors without them knowing. Monitor & Abuse is perfect for sneaking up on survivors and landing a speargun shot without them even knowing we are there. Keep in mind during a chase, Deathslinger’s terror radius is increased to 32 meters. But instantly goes back to 16 meters when a chase ends.

Save The Best For Last: Decreases our attack cooldown up to 40%. Equipping Save The Best For Last requires you to locate the obsession and not attacking them at all until the end-game. Our focus should be on the other survivors since attacking the obsession makes us lose a token.

Corrupt Intervention: The entity block three generators furthest away from us at the start of the trial. I prefer running Corrupt Intervention on bigger maps, but it works well on any map.

Second Perk Setup

Perk Setup for Deathslinger

Hawkins National Laboratory and Léry’s Memorial Institute are the only maps where you should run our second setup.  Setup is the same as the first one, except we add A Nurse’s Calling to our last slot instead of an optional perk. A Nurse’s Calling allows us to track healing survivors through walls.

Optimal Add-ons

For our Deathslinger build, we want to keep the survivors busy, so they can’t finish repairing the generators. To do this, we want to use add-ons that increase their mending speed when a deep wound has afflicted them. It’s also good to use add-ons that decrease Deathslinger’s cooldown when you miss your shots.

Best add-on setup

Best Deathslinger Addons

Barbed wire + Tin oil can
Increases the survivors’ mending-time while decreasing Deathslinger’s speargun cooldown when you miss your shots. It gives us good map control due to survivors spending more time healing themself.

Optional add-on setups

If you cant play with Barbed Wire and Til oil can, then you can use the following setups! It’s not as good as our first option but still a very viable setup.

Prison chain + Warden’s keys
Increases the amount of time it takes for a survivor to break free from Deathslinger’s speargun and increases reload speed. Works very good to break loops if you utilize shooting through windows to land a hit.

Iridescent coin + Hellshire iron
When landing a successful shot on a survivor, they become exposed, and all remaining survivors in Deathslinger’s terror range get revealed. It is tough to run this setup due to both add-ons being ultra-rare. Try to use this combo when close to reaching rank 1.


How to play our Deathslinger Rank 1 build


Early Game.

Always go to the generators furthest away from you and look for survivors. Unless you have Corrupt Intervention, then patrol the generators close to you for survivors. Pay attention to sound hearing, like a survivor rush jumping a window or accidentally dropping a pallet. If you hear a survivor failing a generator skill check, go there as soon as possible.

Always pay attention to your Hex: Ruin totem. You want to keep it until you have hooked at least 3-4 survivors. When your hex totem gets cleansed, you allow the survivors to rush the generators.

When you find a survivor and put them on the meat hook, pay attention to your barbecue & chilli perk. If you see survivors repairing generators, then go there and scare them away. If you are playing with the perk Dead Man’s Switch, always identify and focus on the obsession with generators being blocked by the entity for up to 45 seconds.

Mid game.

At this point, you should have hooked a couple of survivors, and survivors should have completed 1-2 generators. Look around for three generators that are close to each other and patrol around them. Do not let the survivors finish repairing those. They need to complete one of the three nearby generators to open the exit gates.

Always use Deathslinger’s speargun to land shots when possible. If the injured survivor is running far away from your three generator camp, then let them! Due to your shot with speargun causing the deep wound status effect. You are buying yourself a good 30-60 seconds of the survivor not focusing on a generator.

When you see an opportunity to down a survivor near your three generator camp and successfully hook them without letting any other survivor finish repairing the generator. Then do it! But do not let any other survivor finish a generator.

Late game

Now you should have killed two or more survivors. If you still have your three nearby generators, then continue patrolling them. If there has not been good progress, you can leave the generators during a chase and down the survivor. At this point, you want to keep him down, do not hook them! Look around for the last survivor and down him as well before you hook both of them.

If you down one of the two survivors and end up killing them, you allow the remaining survivor to escape through the hatch.

Tips & Tricks for our Deathslinger Rank 1 Build.

Avoid getting stuck in a loop.


A general rule is; when a survivor has looped you for a minute, and you do not land a shot or injure them. Break the chase! And look for other survivors. We do not want the other survivors to rush the generators while you are stuck in a cat and mouse game. Some survivors are going to try to get your attention by flickering their flashlights. Do not start chasing them unless you know that you can put them down. An opportunity to catch them off guard is going to happen later when they don’t expect it.

Suppose you are playing with the Monitor & Abuse perk. You should be able to sneak near survivors and land an easy shot with Deathslinger’s speargun.

Break any pallets that survivors try to drop on you.

Pallets will drop on you during a chase. Always break them during the early game if possible. This gives survivors and especially good loopers a hard time looping you later on. They need pallets to escape a chase and buy themself more time. If there are no pallets, it’s going to be easy for you to down them!

Shoot through the windows


You are going to get looped through the killer shack and other loopable locations like the jungle. When playing Deathslinger, you can shoot the survivors with your speargun and hit them through a window. Utilize this tactic to break loops.


We hope you enjoyed our Deathslinger build!

Update Log

17.10.2021 Updated for Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter “Hour of the Witch”

Hello! I'm W3YBACK and I formerly played Overwatch for NRG but have since 2018 moved on to Dead by Daylight. I write about builds and guides for DBDMeta. In-game I flex between killer and survivor and have been rank 1 with both since I started playing DBD.

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