Dead By Daylight – Best Ghostface Build To Climb Ranks

Dead by Daylight – Ghostface Build to Climb Ranks


Welcome to our Ghostface build for Dead by Daylight. Our Ghostface build is optimized to make you climb up to rank one as fast as possible. I’ve created a brand new alt account for this build and experimented with most killer perks until I found the perfect fit and then grinded my way to rank one. Our Ghostface build allows and encourages you to play very aggressively early game. It might require some practice until you learn how to play my build perfectly. But with my tips and tricks in this article, you should get there in no time!

Ghostface Build Pros & Cons

  • + Allows you to play very aggressive early game because of Corrupt Intervention perk and forces all survivors to move closer to repair generators but might punish you if you prefer a more laid back or generator camping playstyle.
  • + Ghostface’s power ability Night Shroud gains you the undetectable status effect. This is used to sneak up on survivors or expose them. Works really well at the beginning of any game.
  • – Requires “ok” map knowledge. If you are a new player, we recommend trying one of our easier builds, such as Leatherface Beginner Build.

Required Killers for the best Ghostface build

We’ve tried optimizing our Ghostface build, so you don’t need to lvl up that many killers. However, some perks are a must-have, and you should unlock them before you start playing our build.

  • Leatherface LVL 35 for Barbecue & Chilli, we recommend that you push his lvl to 40 so you can unlock Franklin’s Demise, which will be used in our second loadout against premade survivors.
  • The Hag LVL 35 for Hex: Ruin.
  • The Plague LVL 35 for Corrupt Intervention and Infectious Fright
  • Hillbilly LVL 35 for Lightborn (Optional but very recommended. You need either Lightborn or Franklin’s demise for our second perk setup)


Main Perk Setup


Our main build for Ghostface, and you should play with this build most of your games. We will specify later on when you should run other perks. But your primary focus should be to get these perks at the highest quality as soon as possible.

Corrupt Intervention, Hex: Ruin, Barbecue & Chili and Infectious Fright.

Secondary Perk Setup

The only time you should swap to the secondary perk setup is when you are up against a premade team of survivors or if most of them are running flashlights. Then we swap out Infectious Fright for Lightborn or Franklin’s Demise.

Best Addons for our Ghostface Build

Addons are not required for our Ghostface build but gives us a huge advantage. While you are spending bloodpoints, you might as well focus on obtaining these addons.

Drop-Leg Knife Sheath + Chewed Pen
Increases Ghostface’s movement speed while crouched and increases Night Shroud’s recovery rate. It works perfectly when sneaking up on survivors that are busy repairing generators or healing one another.

Outdoor Security Camera + Night Vision Monocular
We are running Corrupt Intervention, which gives us a window of 2-minutes at the trial’s start. With these addons you can successfully hunt down survivors, and Outdoor Security Camera is basically a Barbecue & Chili, except you don’t need to hook a survivor. Night Vision Monocular makes a survivor become exposed much faster when you’re not leaning from cover. Most of the time, you won’t be leaning from cover because you are easily detectable.

Preferred Maps for Ghostface

Unlike most killers in Dead by Daylight. Ghostface and our build work really well for close-quartered maps such as Léry’s Memorial Institute and Hawkins National Laboratory. As well as bigger maps like Red Forest and Grave of Glenvale. If you have lots of maps offering on Ghostface, you can activate any you like! I personally prefer bigger maps, but it’s really no different than playing on close-quartered maps.

How to play our Ghostface Build

Early Game

Poor Kate didn’t look behind, and no heartbeat from my terror radius can be heard because Ghostface’s Night Shroud triggers Undetectable.

Time to hunt! We’re running Corrupt Intervention, which blocks three generators that are furthest away from us. When the game begins, look around and avoid going to the three generators far away from you. The survivors can’t repair them!

Use your power ability, Night Shroud, which gains you the undetectable status effect. Survivors can’t hear your terror radius, and it’s the perfect opportunity to sneak up on survivors and stalk them.

If you find a survivor and they haven’t seen you. Stalk them until they become exposed. If you are running our recommended addons Outdoor Security Camera + Night Vision Monocular, you will expose them faster. You can see other survivors outside of your terror radius.

Hook the downed survivor and move on quickly to the location of the next survivor (if you have outdoor security camera equipped.) If not. Start patrolling nearby generators.

A tactic used by high ranked killers is to pick three generators close to each other and don’t let the survivors repair any of those three. This tactic is referred to as the “3 generator camp” and will benefit you in the late game, and I will detail it in a little bit!

Mid Game

Kate is waiting for me to break the pallet so she can run away. As Ghostface, you want to stalk her now, so she becomes exposed and THEN break the pallet.

Now the effect of Corrupt Intervention has expired, and the survivors can repair any generator on the map. At this point, you want to patrol generators and start chasing any survivors that you see. You shouldn’t worry about letting the survivors repair a generator or two. It happens!

Late Game

There is only one generator left. Now is the perfect time to expose any survivors trying to repair the last generator.

At the end of the trial, you’ve either killed most of the survivors, or they’ve repaired most of the generators. If more than 2 generators are left, you can patrol around the map and look for scratch marks caused by the survivors running around the map. Or move towards any rushed action that the survivors make. You will get a loud sound and an icon pointing towards the direction. Just follow it and initiate a chase.

Remember the “3 generator camp” I mentioned in the early game? If you’ve picked three generators at the beginning of the trial. Patrol around them and initiate survivors that are trying to repair them! They have two choices: repair the generator(s) and risk getting hooked by you or finding a key and escape through the hatch. And we all know that the latter option is most likely not going to happen!

Camping generators at the end of the trial isn’t really foul play. You are, after all, the killer, and it’s up to the survivors to figure out a way to repair the last generator!

Ghostface Tips & Tricks

  • Generally speaking, you only want to use Night Shroud when there’s an opportunity to expose or sneak attack a survivor. If a survivor is looking at you, they’ll reveal Ghostface very fast!
  • While using Night Shroud. Any survivor nearby can hear Ghostface’s clothes moving. It’s much quieter than the terror radius but can still be heard!
  • Ghostface has a unique perk called “I’m All Ears” It’s pretty good for other killers, so we highly recommend you try to unlock it!
  • If you’re not using any addons, it takes much longer to expose survivors when you’re not leaning from an object.
  • Ghostface lacks mobility, and therefore you want to end chases if you are not downing a survivor in a minute of chasing them.
  • As Ghostface, you can expose several survivors at the same time!


We hope you enjoy playing our best Ghostface build for Dead by Daylight! Ghostface is not a very popular killer at the higher ranks but still very viable at any rank. Learning how to manage night shroud is the most important aspect of playing Ghostface. It takes some practice, but you are in for an enjoyable time!

If you have any questions regarding our Ghostface build. Feel free to get in touch with us on Discord or Twitter. Happy stalking!

Update Log

03.02.2021 Build was created.
17.10.2021 Updated for Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter “Hour of the Witch”

Hello! I'm W3YBACK and I formerly played Overwatch for NRG but have since 2018 moved on to Dead by Daylight. I write about builds and guides for DBDMeta. In-game I flex between killer and survivor and have been rank 1 with both since I started playing DBD.

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