Dead by Daylight – Demogorgon Guide with Rank 1 Build


One of 22 current killers in Dead by Daylight. Demogorgon originates from the Netflix TV-Show “Stranger Things.”

In Dead by Daylight, The Demogorgon is considered a fairly strong killer once you learn how to play him properly. He has insanely strong mobility and can literally travel across the map.

If you’re a beginner in Dead by Daylight and just started playing Demogorgon, he might seem a bit difficult compared to other killers. Don’t give up on playing, as you can easily shred games at higher ranks. With our guide and rank 1 build, you will start at a great starting point.

Power: Of The Abyss

When clicking the active ability button, Demogorgon’s special power activates, allowing you to locate survivors near portals and unleash a special attack called Shred.

Of the Abyss

By pressing and holding down the power button (M2 on PC & L2 on Playstation), all survivors near a portal will be revealed to Demogorgon.

Special Attack: Shred

While Of The Abyss is activated, Demogorgon can perform an 11-meter long lunge attack that puts survivors in the injured state.

  • It takes 1-second for Shred to charge fully. It has no cooldown! You can bait your Shred ability to make survivors drop pallets.
  • Shredding can destroy pallets and breakable walls. It takes 2-seconds to fully recover after breaking; it’s still much faster than manually breaking a pallet or wall. Always use shred to break things!

Note: The survivor could easily loop Demogorgon around the pallet, but we saw that coming and INSTANTLY activated shred when they dropped the pallet. This allows Demogorgon to catch up to survivors easily!

Special Ability: Portals

Allows Demogorgon to create a portal on the ground, can be used to travel to another portal.

  • Traveling between portals has a base cooldown of 14-seconds.
  • It takes 12-seconds for a survivor to seal a portal. Multiple survivors can, however, seal the same portal, thus reducing the time.
  • After traveling between portals, Demogorgon gains the undetectable status effect for two seconds.
  • Demogorgon can NOT place portals on hooks, pallets, or exit gates.

Traverse Upside Down

Demogorgon can traverse upside down by standing on a portal and looking towards another. To traverse, click the active ability button.

When Demogorgon travels from a portal, they become activated, and the survivors can now seal the portals permanently.

Demogorgon Unique Perks

Demogorgon has three unique perks that become teachable for other killers at level 30, 35, and 40. They can also be found randomly in the Shrine Of Secrets which refreshes once a week.


Out of all three unique perks, Surge is the only perk that is considered good. We actually use it in our Rank 1 build for Demogorgon, which we will get into in a moment!

Mindbreaker and Cruel limits are very niche and aren’t that effective compared to other perks. You can still unlock them because of future reworks, but at the moment, they are in a pretty bad state.

Build for Demogorgon

We used our build for Demogorgon to climb up to the highest killer rank (1), and we’ve stayed at rank 1 ever since! We primarily focus on patrolling the generators and following the “3 Generator Camp,” and applying pressure on the survivors.


Perks Explained

  • Surge: Works really good because we are playing around generators. When you down a survivor, 1-2 generators will begin regressing.
  • Pop Goes The Weasel: Unlocked from the Clown. We are using this perk because we don’t want or have time to guard hex totems. If you don’t have it unlocked, you can use Hex: Ruin, but Pop Goes The Weasel is much better for our build.
  • Dragon’s Grip: Unlocked from Blight. We are running Surge and Oppression. Including Dragon’s grip is a perfect choice because it will be triggered all the time, and one-shotting a survivor saves us so much time!
  • Oppression: Unlocked from Twins. We include this perk because we will follow the “3 Generator Camp,” ensuring maximum uptime for Oppression. It also helps us trigger Dragon’s Grip.

Note: Always use Pop Goes The Weasel when you hook a survivor because of Surge also causing the generators to regress. To clarify: Use pop goes the weasel, then down survivors!


We want to use addons in most of our games, and therefore our addon setup is built from uncommon add-ons. They are not super strong but definitely helps us out! And they are very easy to unlock. You’ll find them continuously in your bloodweb when leveling up Demogorgon.


Add-ons Explained

Mew’s Guts: Should always be used as we start with one more portal. It does slightly increase our recovery speed when we miss a shred attack. But one extra portal is worth it!

Rotten Green Tripe: Increases the movement speed when we are traveling between portals. It works very well when there are only 1-2 generators left for the survivors to repair.

How to play Demogorgon

In the beginning, you should follow the “3 Generator Camp” and pick three generators that are very close to one another. Place portals around those three generators and make sure no survivor is nearby.

Then start patrolling the other generators, use Of The Abyss from time to time, and make sure no survivor is working on those three generators while you are patrolling the map.

Using Of The Abyss, we can easily see that one survivor is trying to repair a generator that we are “camping.”

You should always initiate a chase when you see a survivor. Practice using the shred ability to destroy breakable objects and catch up to survivors quickly.

When a survivor gets hooked, you must move to your three generators if survivors have started repairing them and make use of Pop Goes The Weasel.

One survivor will be exposed with the perks we included quite often, thanks to the perk Dragon’s Grip. Always try to locate which survivor that’s exposed and try to one-shot them!


We hope you enjoyed reading our guide for Demogorgon in Dead by Daylight. In my personal opinion, he’s one of the greatest killers the game has to offer, but it takes quite a bit of practice to master him. If you have any questions regarding our Demogorgon guide and/or build. Feel free to join our Discord server or message us on Twitter.

Update log

24.02.2021 Demogorgon Guide/Build was created.
17.10.2021 Updated for Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter “Hour of the Witch”

Hello! I'm W3YBACK and I formerly played Overwatch for NRG but have since 2018 moved on to Dead by Daylight. I write about builds and guides for DBDMeta. In-game I flex between killer and survivor and have been rank 1 with both since I started playing DBD.

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