Dead by Daylight – Everything you Need to Know About Crossplay

Dead by Daylight – Everything you need to know about Crossplay

What is crossplay?

Crossplay allows you to play with other players from different consoles. For example, a Playstation player can successfully play with and against computer players. Dead by Daylight is a game that supports crossplay between the following platforms.

  • PC
  • Playstation
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo Switch

There is no crossplay between any of the mentioned consoles and the mobile version of Dead by Daylight. There’s been no word from the official developers of Dead by Daylight Behaviour Interactive if it’s a feature that they will implement in the future.

How to enable and disable crossplay in Dead by Daylight

You can easily turn on and off crossplay from the main menu in Dead by Daylight. This method works on any gaming platform, which means that it’s the same, for example, Playstation users as it is for PC users. To manage the crossplay feature in Dead by Daylight, follow the following steps.

From the main menu, click settings and navigate to the “online” tab. Check the crossplay feature to enable crossplay. If you want to turn it off, uncheck it! That’s it. You’ve now managed the crossplay feature!

Screenshot showing how to turn on/off the crossplay feature in Dead by Daylight

How to crossplay with friends in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight’s crossplay feature allows you to play with your friends! Even if they are using a different gaming platform than you. To successfully play with your friends easily, both you and your friend(s) must have the crossplay feature enabled.

Once you’ve all enabled crossplay, you must add your friend(s) by their username. This can be a bit confusing as there’s no direct information inside Dead by Daylight. But don’t you worry! We got it covered for you. Just follow the following steps to add your friend in Dead by Daylight.

From the main menu, click friends. At the top left of the screen, you can see your username followed by a four-digit code. For me, it says “KickstartOW#6f21” on the right side; there’s an add friend icon. Either you or your friend(s) have to type each other’s code into the search field. This only has to be done once! Once you’ve done it, your friend will show up anytime you are playing Dead by Daylight together.

Screenshot showing how to find your username in Dead by Daylight and how to add a friend to play crossplay

How to invite a friend from the lobby in Dead by Daylight

From the main menu, click “Play as Survivor” this automatically create a lobby for you. Navigate to one of the three-plus icons next to your character and click any of them. Once clicked, a new window pops up with all your friends! Even the ones from different platforms. Select any of your friends and click “Invite to party” now your friend has been invited to your party.

Screenshot showing how to invite a friend from a different platform to your lobby in Dead by Daylight


Dead by Daylight’s crossplay feature is a great way to play with your friends if they are not on the same gaming platform as you. As a beginner, it can be a bit tricky to set up for the first time, and we hope that our detailed guide on everything you need to know about crossplay helped you out.

If you have any questions regarding crossplay in Dead by Daylight. Feel free to message us on Twitter or Discord. We sincerely hope you have a good time playing with your friends!






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