Dead by Daylight – Good Clown Build to Make You Win Games


Welcome to our latest killer build for Dead by Daylight. In this article, we are going to share a good build for the Clown. Our Clown build is very different from our other builds because we are required to use addons. What makes our Clown build perfect is the ability to one-shot any survivor at all times.

Our Clown build excels at higher ranks but can be played even if you are new to Dead by Daylight. It’s very cheesy and optimized for aggressive gameplay. You’re giving the survivors very little time to breathe!

Pros & Cons

Let’s go through what makes our Clown build good and if there’s anything bad about it.

  • + Favors a very aggressive playstyle. The survivors are going to be busy focusing on unhooking each other and healing. Very little time to work on objectives, which makes the game easy for you.
  • + You are always downing the survivors in one hit.
  • + Extremely easy to play and doesn’t require that many unlocked perks.
  • – You are always required to use addons to get the most out of our build.


Because we are running two specific addons at all times, we’ve minimized the number of killer perks you must unlock! Even if you are a new player to Dead by Daylight. It shouldn’t be too difficult to unlock the perks.

Required Killers

  • Ghostface lvl 30 for perk I’m All Ears.
  • Nurse lvl 40 for perk A Nurse’s Calling.

Required Addons

  • Redheads Pinky Finger (Ultra rare.)
  • Flask of Bleach (Rare.)

Perks + Addons Setup


For our Clown build. We’re always using I’m All Ears perk from Ghostface. It makes locating survivors very easy. Especially if you are in a chase but end up losing track of the survivor, the cooldown of I’m All Ears is only 40 seconds if you unlock the very rare versions you should aim to get!

With our excellent Clown build. You will one-shot every survivor, but we still feel like slotting the perk A Nurse’s Calling is a very good option! If a survivor gets unhooked, you can find them very easily with A Nurse’s Calling, and it boosts our overall ability to play aggressive as the Clown.

Clown has two unique perks that are really good and fit perfectly with our one-shot build. Pop Goes The Weasel helps us slow down the game but requires you to damage a generator every time a survivor gets hooked. Always try to get the very-rare version as it’s increasing the duration up to 45 seconds after a survivor is put on the hook.

Bamboozle is useful for countering good loopers, especially around the killer shack! Just vault the window to make the entity block it for 16 seconds. It’s also increasing your vault speed by 15% (If you get the very-rare version, you should always try to get it!)


Redheads Pinky Finger causes any survivor that runs into a bottle of Afterpiece Tonic the exposed status effect. Allowing us to one-shot them. We’re also slotting Flask of Bleach, which gives the affected survivor a 20% penalty to movement speed. Catching up to them and downing them with one attack is going to be very easy!

How to Play our Clown Build

At the beginning of the trial, you should always start by patrolling the generators located furthest away from where you spawn. You are most likely going to find a survivor working on a generator. Our Clown build favors those who play aggressively, so you should always initiate a chase when you see a survivor!

If you are far away from the survivor and he sees you coming towards them. Use the Afterpiece Antidote to gain a 10% movement buff for 5 seconds. But be careful! If the survivor is near you and steps into the antidote. They’ll also get the movement buff! It’s much better to use it if you know that the survivor can’t get the buff themself.

When you are close to the survivor, throw an Afterpiece Tonic, which will make the survivor exposed and slow down their movement speed by 20%. Follow up with a basic attack to down them quickly.

If you don’t have the required addons

Redheads Pinky Finger is the addon that makes you able to one-shot all survivors. It’s going to be extremely difficult to have it every trial. We’ve optimized the build to play with the same perks when you’re trying to unlock Redheads Pinky Finger. To be clear, our clown build works great without the one-shot addon!

When you are playing against good loopers

We’ve added Bamboozle, and I’m All Ears to counter good loopers. Suppose you are getting looped near the killer shack or any other place with a window nearby. Vault over the window to make the entity block it for 16 seconds. Since you are one-shotting everyone who steps into your Afterpiece Tonic, you have plenty of time to down the survivor before they loop towards the next location!

I’m All Ears works great if you are getting looped near pallet(s). You can bait the survivor into dropping the pallet, don’t worry if you get stunned by it! Just break it since I’m All Ears is going to activate the moment they drop the pallet.

Best Maps for our Clown Build


When you’re playing the Clown, it really comes down to personal preference. Some players like open maps because they can throw Afterpiece Tonic across the map to block generators and survivors hanging on the hook. Examples of open maps are The MacMillan Estate, Autohaven Wreckers, and Coldwind Farm.

On a personal note, I agree that the Clown is better on more open maps than playing on close-quartered maps like Midwich Elementary School.


We hope you enjoy playing our clown build for Dead by Daylight! Having the ability to one-shot all survivors is extremely funny! And overall, our build is very well-rounded and not considered too difficult to play. If you are new to playing the killer in Dead by Daylight, our clown build is a good build to start with!

If you have any questions regarding our build, feel free to message us on Discord or Twitter.

Update log

14.02.2021 Build was created.
17.10.2021 Updated for Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter “Hour of the Witch”

Hello! I'm W3YBACK and I formerly played Overwatch for NRG but have since 2018 moved on to Dead by Daylight. I write about builds and guides for DBDMeta. In-game I flex between killer and survivor and have been rank 1 with both since I started playing DBD.

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