Dead by Daylight – How to Play Against: The Trapper


Welcome to The Trapper portion of the How to Play Against series. In this article you will find some tips on how to play efficiently when you find yourself up against The Trapper. 

The Trapper’s Power

The Trapper’s power is rather straight forward. The Trapper can pick up and set multiple bear traps around the map. If a survivor runs into a set bear trap, they will become stuck. While stuck, the survivor suffers an injured state and must attempt to break free by pressing and holding M1 multiple times. Below are some common ways to do your best to watch out for and potentially negate The Trapper’s power. 

Trap Scanning

Generally, you should always scan for traps if you are unsure there may be one nearby. You can scan for traps by walking or crouching slowly, moving a little at a time and waiting for the “DISARM TRAP” prompt to appear on your screen. In most cases, it is advantageous to disarm a trap if you find it. Keep in mind that this will notify The Trapper, and should The Trapper be running his Bloody Coil add-on, you will suffer a state of damage if you are healthy. 

The “DISARM TRAP” prompt when close enough to the trap.

Where to Look

Tall Grass

One of the biggest areas of the map you must be wary of are any areas with lots of tall grass or bushes. This foliage helps to hide bear traps well. Strong Trapper players are good at placing them specifically in tall brush with a potential of high traffic, or an area a survivor is likely going to walk to. Do your best to avoid wandering aimlessly through these areas. 

A Trap placed in tall grass is a well hidden trap.


Another area to be wary of are around any kind of windows. A strong Trapper player knows to trap strong loop tiles to prevent wasting time. The window on the shack or any map specific tiles that incorporates a window into its loop is one to be careful of. 

A trap placed in a strong loop commonly seen on the farm maps.

Around Loops

On the topic of loops, while The Trapper doesn’t have time to trap every loop, there is a large possibility they will trap the longer loops. If you are able, scout the area before you feel The Trapper might be headed your way to engage in a chase. Also keep an eye out if The Trapper tries to force you around a certain way around the loop. This could be a strong indicator The Trapper is working to push you into the direction of a trap. If you notice The Trapper trying to trap in the middle of the chase, it is typically best to abandon that tile and find a new one to run around. 

A trap placed right before the pallet in a loop to prevent further access.

Hooks and Objectives

A last notable area to look out for that many people can forget are around hooks. This is especially true if a teammate has been hooked previously around a particular area. Many hooks are placed around jungle gyms and tall patches of grass. Be wary and walk on an open path or check for traps if possible. 

Kate got stuck in this trap because she forgot her teammate was hooked here earlier.


These are some general guidelines to follow when up against The Trapper. The aim is to help you increase your success in avoiding traps and escaping the trial. We hope this provided some insight in what to look out for. See you in the fog! 

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