Dead By Daylight – Is the ‘Silent Hill’ Chapter worth Buying?


The Silent Hill chapter is the sixteenth DLC for Dead by Daylight and comes with a new map called Midwich Elementary School. One new survivor Cheryl Mason. The Silent Hill expansion also has a new killer called The Executioner, known as pyramid head. Both characters have three exclusive perks.

Is the Silent Hill chapter worth buying? Do you get much value out of it, and is the killer & survivor perks good? We’ll get right into it!

The Executioner & Cheryl Mason

After playing The Executioner for several hours, and played around with his unique abilities and perks. We’ve concluded that The Executioner is a very viable killer for both higher and lower ranks. What makes him stand out is his ability to cage downed survivors instead of putting them on a meat hook. The Executioner also comes with a built-in mori. That can be used when a survivor is on the last hook. Both can only be used when a survivor has a tormented status effect. To torment a survivor, they have to run into The Executioner’s rites of judgement ability.

The Executioner Unique Perks
The Executioner Perk - Trail of Torment

Trail of Torment gives you the chance to sneak up on survivor to initiate a chase. The issue is that Hex: Ruin is a very viable perk to slow down the game speed. While Hex: Ruin is active, we are unable to kick a generator, and that makes Trail of Torment a terrible choice. However, if you are starting in Dead by Daylight or your killer rank is very low. Then Trail of Torment can be a good choice since newer players will not rush the generators. However, in higher ranks, it’s pretty useless and not worth adding as one of your perks.

The Executioner Perk - Forced Penance

Completly makes the targeted survivor unable to heal for eighty seconds. The problem is that most survivors are not going to take a protection hit for one another. Unless they are premade or are cooperating really well, this makes Forced Penance a pretty bad option, and we do not suggest using it. There are much better options. However, it can work in some scenarios, but overall it’s a pretty bad choice, and we do not recommend using it.

The Executioner Perk - Deathbound

Out of all three perks. Deathbound is the most viable option due to the 32-meter range, which is pretty far! Oblivious makes the targeted survivor unable to hear your terror radius. And allows you to sneak up on the targeted survivor without them hearing you. Deathbound is not one of the best perks Dead by Daylight has to offer when playing the killer. However, it can be viable in some situations, and it’s a fun perk to play around with! At higher ranks, there are much better perk options than Deathbound.

Cheryl Mason Perks

Dead by Daylight - The Silent Hill - Cheryl Mason

The new survivor, Cheryl Mason, has three exclusive perks that can be unlocked for all other survivors at level 30, 35, and 40. Let us go through her perks! And see if they are viable in the game or not.

Cheryl Mason Blood Pact Perk

Due to the perk deactivating, if you are the obsession, it basically means that we have wasted a perk slot and gained absolutely nothing. Throughout a trial, you will not heal the obsession that many times to make this perk viable. There are way better perks to use, even if you are a new player! Like the ones, we mentioned in our beginner survivor build.

However, it can be fun to play within the lower ranks with a friend due to the 7% haste bonus, especially if your friend is the obsession.

Cheryl Mason Repressed Alliance Perk

It takes a total of 80 seconds to repair one generator alone with no toolbox or any perk that buffs repairing speed. So you would have to almost finish one generator alone for Repressed Alliance to trigger, which is very doable!

The issue is that Repressed Alliance only has one use. It really doesn’t matter that you can see a Laurie hiding in a locker or a Claudette crouching in the middle of nowhere for minutes. And if you are playing with your friends, you might as well use voice-chat with each other. Repressed Alliance adds very little value to the trial, and it’s not recommended to use.

Cheryl Mason Soul Guard Perk

Soul Guard can potentially save you against a proximity camping killer. However, the endurance status effect only lasts for 8 seconds compared to Borrowed Time, lasting up to 15 seconds, making Soul Guard completely useless. Borrowed Time is way better, and it comes with one of the basic survivors that Dead by Daylight has to offer.


For the Executioner, Both Trail of Torment and Forced Penance is pretty unreliable and useless. Out of all three of The Executioner’s exclusive perks, Deathbound is the better one. However, it’s not meta, and there are way better perks you can use. It works okay in lower ranks and some situations but really doesn’t add so much value to be considered a meta perk.

Cheryl Mason’s three unique perks are not good at all and add very little value. There are way better options like William “Bill” Overbeck’s Borrowed Time perk.

Midwich Elementary School

Dead by Daylight - Silent Hill Chapter Map

Midwich Elementary School is the new map in the Silent Hill chapter for Dead by Daylight. It takes place in the Silent Hill universe. Overall it’s a fun map to play on and is pretty close-quartered like other Dead by Daylight maps such as Léry’s Memorial Institute. Midwich Elementary School comes with some easter eggs and achievements. Keep in mind that you can venture to Midwich Elementary School without paying for the Silent Hill chapter.

Is the ‘Silent Hill’ Chapter worth Buying?

It’s worth to buy the Silent Hill chapter for Dead by Daylight if you enjoy playing as the killer. The Executioner is a very reliable killer in both lower and higher ranks. Unfortunately, both the new survivor and killer perks are pretty useless and don’t add much value to the game itself. If you never play as the killer or plan to do so, it’s not worth buying the Silent Hill chapter since you can still venture to the new Midwich Elementary School map without paying for it. Unless you are a big fan of Silent Hill or like the looks of Cheryl Mason, then go ahead and purchase the Silent Hill chapter!

We hope your answer to if the Silent Hill chapter for Dead by Daylight is worth buying or not has been answered!

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