Dead by Daylight – Jane Romero Variety Builds to Climb Ranks

Jane Romero Variety Builds to Climb Ranks

Welcome to our Jane Romero builds for Dead by Daylight. We will include 3 different builds; all of our builds rely on Jane Romero’s teachable perks.

We will start with a beginner build that doesn’t require any teachable perks from other survivors. Then we are going to move on to specific builds for boldness/playing with the killer. And a solo build for those of you that are playing alone!

Teachable Perks

Jane Romero has three teachable perks that you can unlock for all survivors at lvl 30, 35, and 40.

  • Head On: A very good exhaustion perk. We include this in our “Toxic Jane” build. A great alternative to Lithe and Dead Hard.
  • Poised: You don’t see many survivors using Poised. We will include it in our “Solo Jane” build as it works really well when attempting to repair the generators fast.
  • Solidarity: Solidarity is very weak, and therefore we do not include it in our builds.

Jane Romero Builds

“Beginner Jane”

Our “Beginner Jane” works best for beginners who recently started playing Dead by Daylight. For our beginner build, you only need Jane Romero and no teachable perks from other survivors.


  • Plunderer’s Instinct: You will find good items every trial if you have the very-rare version. It’s best if you try to get a toolbox or medkit as our beginner Jane build is not meant to loop the killer and play around with flashlights.
  • Spine Chill: Tired of killers sneaking up on you while you are repairing generators? Spine Chill gives you a notification every time the killer looks in your direction. It has no cooldown and is always active!
  • We’ll Make It: Someone has to unhook the other survivors, and it might as well be you! You can easily heal up the unhooked survivor and get lots of altruism points which helps you rank up.
  • Head On: Nothing is more exciting than diving out of a locker to stun the killer. To use Head On properly, you have to practice timing and positioning.

Items and Addons

We are relying on Plunderer’s Instinct to get the items we are going to use! If you have a spare medkit or toolbox, feel free to use them.

“Toxic Jane”

Our Toxic Jane build works great if you want to play around with the killer. With this build, we are not going to focus on generators and solely play with the killer. We are going to use teachable perks from the following survivors:

  • David King level 35 for Dead Hard.
  • Jake Park level 40 for Iron Will.
  • Laurie Strode level 40 for Decisive Strike.


  • Head on: Our main exhaustion perk. It should always be used when you see an opportunity to safely enter a locker without getting pulled out by the killer.
  • Dead Hard: If you cannot find a locker or don’t have time to wait three seconds for Head On to become active. Use Dead Hard to dodge an attack.
  • Iron Will: It makes it easier for you to escape from the killer because you make no grunts of pain.
  • Decisive Strike: By playing around with the killer, you will get tunneled now and then. Decisive Strike gives you a 2nd chance.

Items & Addons

Always enter the trial with a flashlight as it allows you to blind the killer when breaking pallets, and with practice, you will rescue survivors by blinding the killer.

Note: Utility Flashlight with addons Odd Bulb and High-end Sapphire makes it much easier to blind the killer! It’s the perfect setup if you want to practice blinding the killer.

“Solo Jane”

If you are playing solo, we recommend using our solo build for Jane Romero as its primary focus is on survivability. With this build, you don’t need to rely on your fellow survivors. We are using the following teachable perks from other survivors:

  • Claudette Morel level 40 for Self-Care.
  • David King level 35 for Dead Hard.


  • Self-Care: By playing solo, relying on teammates to heal you is going to be difficult. Self-Care allows you to fully heal yourself without using a medkit at a reduced speed.
  • Dead Hard: It’s too strong not to include in our solo build. Always use it to dodge an attack.
  • Poised: Very underrated perk. Works great when the killer is patrolling around the generator you are repairing. With Poised, you can easily escape from the killer after repairing a generator!
  • Decisive Strike: Another perk that’s too strong not to include. Decisive Strike is a lifesaver when getting tunneled by the killer.

Items & Addons

Because we are running self-care, you really don’t need to enter the trial with a medkit. It’s much better to equip a toolbox with repair speed addons.

Note: Commodious Toolbox with addons Socket Swivels and Clean Rag allows you to repair a generator extremely fast!


Playing survivor is much more fun if you have good builds. We’ve included three different builds that are guaranteed to suit your playstyle in Dead by Daylight! We hope you have fun and win games with our Jane Romero builds!

Once you’ve unlocked her teachable perks, you can use these builds for any survivor in the game!

If you have any questions regarding our Jane Romero builds, feel free to message us on Twitter.

Update log

17.10.2021 Updated for Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter “Hour of the Witch”

Hello! I'm W3YBACK and I formerly played Overwatch for NRG but have since 2018 moved on to Dead by Daylight. I write about builds and guides for DBDMeta. In-game I flex between killer and survivor and have been rank 1 with both since I started playing DBD.

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