Dead by Daylight – “Loot and Run” Beginner-Friendly Survivor Build


Welcome to our “loot and run” survivor build for Dead by Daylight. Our latest build’s primary focus is looting items when you don’t have that many left in your inventory. “Loot and run” can be played efficiently at higher ranks. I run this build personally when I lack items in my inventory. However, it lacks in some aspects of the game, but it’s a well-rounded build that is very easy to run and doesn’t require many perks to be played. If you are brand new to Dead by Daylight and are looking for a very beginner-friendly build, then check out our “Beginner Survivor Build,” which is very easy to run and requires little perks to unlock.

Make sure you bookmark our build as we’ll keep this build updated for every chapter coming to Dead by Daylight.

Pros & Cons

  • + You’re almost guaranteed a good item throughout every trial.
  • + OK at looping if you’re using optional exhaustion perk (Keep reading, we’re getting there!)
  • + Very easy to run and play! You don’t need to unlock many perks.
  • + Well-rounded for generator rushing and Altruism, depending on /what/ items you get!
  • – VERY rare, but sometimes you get bad items that can affect your gameplay during the trial.

Required perks for our “Loot and Run” survivor build.

Our “loot and run” build has three perks that you must equip. The last one is optional, and I’ll add good perk choices that you can swap from!

  • Plunderer’s Instinct – General perk. You don’t unlock this from a character.
    Plunderer’s is our main perk and must be slotted! Without it, you can’t run this build! Always try to get the best version of this perk (purple), as it allows you to get better items.
  • Decisive Strike – Requires Laurie Strode LVL 40.
    DS allows us to quickly escape from the killer if we’re getting farmed or unlucky and get downed twice in a short time. Gives us a huge boost in survivability. Always try to unlock the purple version.
  • Self-Care – Requires Claudette Morel LVL 40.
    Many people hate on SC, but I’m running it 80% of the time since I mostly play solo. It’s a well-rounded perk for survivability, and that’s what matters in Dead by Daylight. We can’t do anything if we’re dead!

Optional perks for “Loot and run” survivor build.

As we mentioned earlier, the last perk is optional, and now it’s time to go through them! There’s no “this perk is better than the other.” It truly depends on your playstyle and what happens in each trial. Try experimenting with the optional perk until you find one that works best for you.

  • Unbreakable – Requires Bill LVL 40.
    UB is perfect in clutch situations. I can’t count how many times I’ve managed to use it and totally clutch the game, which would otherwise be a loss. But sometimes you won’t be able to use it. I highly recommend trying it for a few games and see if you like it.
  • Borrowed Time – Requires Bill LVL 35.
    BT is an excellent perk that allows us to farm Altruism points and can be a gamechanger against proximity camping killers. Definitely worth running even if you’re playing solo or teamed up with friends.
  • Dead Hard or Lithe – Requires David King/Feng Min LVL 35.
    DH or Lithe allows us to loop the killer and have an “oh shit, time to run” plan. Most of the time, I have an Exhaustion perk slotted since I like looping the killer. If you’re not confident in playing around the killer, then adding either of the two perks can help you practice! Don’t be afraid.

How to play our “Loot and Run” survivor build.

At the start of the trial, locate a nearby chest, which is very easy due to us running Plunderer’s Instinct. Depending on what item you get, go to a generator and start repairing it until the killer shows up or any survivor gets hooked.

If a survivor gets hooked and you’re playing with Borrowed Time, then start running to unhook them! You can quickly heal up the survivor for extra altruism points if you got a med-kit from searching a chest.

If the killer finds you and you’re playing with either Dead Hard or Lithe. Start playing mind games with the killer and buy as much time as possible before you get downed. Please check out “always locate a nearby pallet” for more tips on how you can play mind games with the killer.

Unbreakable is also a good choice! It works perfectly when there are only you and one more survivor left as the killer will keep you bleeding while they look for the remaining survivor.

Tips & Tricks for our “Loot and Run” Survivor build

  1. When you’re searching chests and get a map, use it quickly and try to locate a new chest. We really don’t want to run around with a map since it offers little value than a flashlight, toolbox, or med-kit.
  2. There’s always a chest in the killer basement! If you spawn close to it, sneak down there and search it!
  3. Don’t be afraid to drop pallets during a chase. It’s all about keeping the killer as busy as possible. Suppose you drop every pallet in the trial but keep the killer busy for a LONG time. It’s defiantly worth it, even if other survivors start complaining. If no generator has been repaired, then it’s their fault and not yours.


During this season in Dead by Daylight. I’ve played this build 80% of the time since I’m currently working on an alt-account. As of writing this build, I’m at rank 3 and two blips away from rank 2. This defiantly proves that this build can be played at higher ranks. We hope you enjoyed reading this build, and please hit us up on Twitter if you have any questions regarding our builds!

Update Log

17.10.2021 Updated for Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter “Hour of the Witch”

Hello! I'm W3YBACK and I formerly played Overwatch for NRG but have since 2018 moved on to Dead by Daylight. I write about builds and guides for DBDMeta. In-game I flex between killer and survivor and have been rank 1 with both since I started playing DBD.

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