Dead by Daylight – Powerful Wraith Build for All Ranks


Wraith is considered one, if not the easiest, killer to play in Dead by Daylight. Being one of the easiest killers also means that he lacks in something, which is mobility and being able to counter survivors that are good at looping. Wraith is a very beginner-friendly killer. His toolkit isn’t hard to figure out and master. You literally click one button to enter and leave stealth but to play Wraith at higher ranks (1-4), you are going to need a good build.

We’ve been experimenting with Wraith and figured out an excellent build that makes him viable at higher ranks. And we are eager to share it with you! Our Wraith build works well for any ranks but shines through at higher ranks because we are using unexpected perks that most survivors won’t see coming!

  • + Our Wraith build counters the fact that Wraith easily gets looped and has no real way of punishing survivors that knows how to loop.
  • + Incredible fun addons that are very reliable. C’mon, who doesn’t like running at supersonic speed?
  • + Are you an inexperienced killer in Dead by Daylight? No problem! Our build is straightforward to play but does require you to get perks from other killers before it can be played.


To make Wraith reliable for higher ranks, we have to use perks from other killers. His three unique perks are very bad and don’t add much value to the game. If you are brand new to Dead by Daylight, we highly recommend you to start with our Beginner Leatherface Build as it’s much easier to play for beginners.

Required Perks

Barbecue and Chilli – Unlocked by lvling Leatherface to 35.

Hex: Ruin – Unlocked by lvling Hag to 35.

Hex: Haunted Ground – Unlocked by lvling Spirit to 35.

Blood Echo – Unlocked by lvling Oni to 35.

Perks Explained

Barbecue & Chilli is a solid perk that allows us to see survivors outside a 40-meter range from any survivor that we hook. We primarily use it to locate survivors trying to repair generators. The 100% increase in bloodpoints is also perfect for lvling up other killers. It’s really too strong not to include in our Wraith build.

When playing Wraith, you don’t really have time to run around and damage generators as you need to be focused on locating and hook survivors. Hex: Ruin helps us out with that by automatically make any generator regress when no survivor is working on it.

Hex: Haunted Ground is an excellent choice when using Hex: Ruin as most survivors are going to believe they are cleansing our Ruin totem and end up exposing themself and all other survivors for 60 seconds. The Exposed status effect means that they get downed by one hit instead of two!

Blood Echo¬†makes up for Wraith not having enough mobility and easily gets looped by good survivors. The moment you hook a survivor, every other survivor that is injured becomes exhausted. This means that they can’t use perks like Dead Hard, Lithe, and Sprint Burst for 45 seconds. Blood Echo also causes injured survivors to bleed more frequently due to the hemorrhage status effect. Making it much easier for you as Wraith to locate them.

Best Addons for Wraith

Swift Killer

This is one of our favorite addon setups for Wraith as we’re basically having a Barbecue & Chilli at all times, and our time to reappear from stealth is reduced. It allows us to locate survivors around generators and hooks and quickly initiate a chase.

Speed Runner

An enjoyable and reliable addon setup for Wraith allows you to roam the map at a very fast speed while being cloaked. Works great for bigger maps and surprising survivors that are busy healing each other. Our speed runner setup has a penalty to Wraith’s movement speed while uncloaking but considered it only takes a second to unlock. It’s really not much of an issue, and it won’t affect your games. The movement speed boost while being cloaked defiantly makes up for it.

The Average Wraith Setup

Our average wraith setup is very easy to unlock as you only need uncommon addons but are still very effective. Reappearance time is reduced, and survivors can’t hear from which direction Wraith is appearing. Works great against survivors that are either busy working on generators or healing each other.

Tips & Tricks

To play Wraith efficiently, we’ve added a few tips and tricks that will help you out.

  • Unless you are playing with our “Average Wraith Setup,” all survivors will hear you leave stealth. Only leave stealth when you are close enough to a survivor to land a hit successfully.
  • Every time Wraith leaves stealth. He gains a short movement speed buff that allows you to charge-attack a survivor from a short distance. It works really well if the targeted survivor is near a window or waiting to drop a pallet on you.
  • Our “Speed Runner” setup allows you to patrol generators extremely fast. By following the “3 Generator Camp,” You can easily win games when there are only 1-2 generators left.


We hope that you enjoyed reading our build for Wraith in Dead by Daylight. We’ve successfully countered that Wraith has little mobility and easily gets looped when matched against good survivors. Now you have a good build for Wraith that is well-rounded and performs well at any ranks!

If you have any questions regarding our Wraith build for Dead by Daylight. Feel free to join our Discord or message us on Twitter.

Update log

18.02.2021 Wraith build was created.
17.10.2021 Updated for Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter “Hour of the Witch”

Hello! I'm W3YBACK and I formerly played Overwatch for NRG but have since 2018 moved on to Dead by Daylight. I write about builds and guides for DBDMeta. In-game I flex between killer and survivor and have been rank 1 with both since I started playing DBD.

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