Dead By Daylight – Strong Diversion Build for Survivors

Diversion Build for Survivors

Welcome to our Diversion build for survivors. We’ve built this build around the character Adam Francis’s teachable perk Diversion.

Our Diversion build is considered “jack of all trades” and works well for farming boldness, altruism, and objective points.

I’m a rank one survivor and have played around with this build for about a week, and even at higher ranks, the killers fall for my diversion tricks.

As always, we’ll include a complete build with perks and add-ons as well as a “how to play” section for some tips and tricks on how to play our build efficiently. Let’s get started!

Diversion Build

We are using perks from other survivors. To play our build efficiently, you are required to unlock the following teachable perks.

  • Adam Francis level 30 for Diversion.
  • Laurie Strode level 40 for Decisive Strike.
  • David King level 35 for Dead Hard.
  • Jake Park level 30 for Iron Will.


Perks Explained

  • Diversion – Our entire build plays around this perk. It allows you to throw a “pebble” 20 meters away from you. Even killers at higher ranks will fall for Diversion.
  • Decisive Strike – Helps us against tunneling killers and allows us to get a second chance if we get downed quickly after being unhooked. Decisive Strike is one of the strongest perks in Dead by Daylight, and it would be bad if we didn’t include it!
  • Dead Hard – At higher ranks, you are basically required to run an exhaustion perk. Dead Hard is easy to acquire and has a short cooldown of 40 seconds. Always use Dead Hard when the killer is about to hit you.
  • Iron Will – Reduces our grunts by 100%. It works like a charm with Diversion if you just got out of a chase.

Items and Addons

Unlike most survivor builds in Dead by Daylight. Our Diversion build works well with any items.

We’ve included three different setups depending on whether you focus on objectives, altruism, or boldness.

Objective Setup

Our objective setup plays around a toolbox and two add-ons. If you choose this setup, you should start the game by doing generators.

Engineer’s toolbox is the fastest if you want to repair generators. We are adding add-ons, Wire Spool, and Scraps to increase the charges.

Because the repair speed with Engineer’s toolbox is very fast, it’s much better to use add-ons that add charges instead of furthering the repair speed.

Altruism Setup

If your primary focus is to unhook your fellow survivors and heal them up. It’s recommended that you use our Altruism Setup.

Ranger-Medkit allows you to heal your fellow survivors extremely fast. We are using Abdominal Dressing to increase the healing speed further. Gauze Roll should also be used as it increases the charges we lose by adding Abdominal Dressing.

Boldness Setup

Our boldness setup will help you out if your goal is to play with the killer and be the team looper.

We recommend that you use our boldness setup if you are experienced in Dead by Daylight, as you need to know how to blind the killer with a flashlight properly.

However, it can be used by beginners if your goal is to practice looping and blind the killer!

Sport Flashlight with addons Intense Halogen and Long Life Battery allows you to blind the killer easily. It also increases the blind duration and boosts the lifetime of your flashlight.

I’ve personally had games where I looped the killer for minutes and still had battery in the flashlight. Intense Halogen is a very beginner friendly add-on if you are practicing blinding the killer as it increases the visual brightness.

How to Play

You have to slightly adapt your playstyle depending on what item setup you are following. We’ll go through all three of them and give basic “how to play” strategies.

Objective Setup

If you spawn next to another survivor, locate the nearest generator and use your toolbox on it. After it has been repaired, you should stay inside the killer’s terror radius to charge up the Diversion perk.

If you are confident in looping for minutes, by all means go ahead and do it! If you are not confident then work on more generators.

For our objective setup, it’s best to use Diversion when the killer is approaching the generator you are working on. The chances are high that they are going to follow the pebble instead of approaching the generator.

Altruism Setup

Always work on generators until another survivor is put on a meat hook or run to you for healing. With our Altruism setup, it’s best if you unhook every survivor.

You’ll automatically charge up Diversion by unhooking survivors as most killers play somewhat close to the hooked survivor.

It’s best to use Diversion if you unhook a survivor and hear the heartbeat increase before you’ve managed to heal up your teammate. This allows you to throw off the killer.

Boldness Setup

Locate the killer and lure him into a “loopable” location such as the killer shack, jungles, or any place with a pallet.

Your goal is to make the killer waste as much time as possible. Always drop a pallet after circling. Don’t just drop them instantly. You should be able to circle the pallet once or twice before you have to drop it!

Once the pallet has been dropped, bait the killer into breaking the pallet. When they start breaking it, use the flashlight to blind them and run off to another “loopable” location!

You should always use diversion if you’ve taken a hit and is far away from the next location with a pallet.


Our survivor build plays around the Diversion perk, which is teachable from Adam Francis. Our build(s) was created while being rank 1 as a survivor but works well at any ranks! It’s entertaining to see the killers fall for Diversion.

With our setup, you can enter a game and focus on any of the three categories—objective, Altruism, and Boldness.

We hope you have fun with our Diversion build!

Update log

17.10.2021 Updated for Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter “Hour of the Witch”

Hello! I'm W3YBACK and I formerly played Overwatch for NRG but have since 2018 moved on to Dead by Daylight. I write about builds and guides for DBDMeta. In-game I flex between killer and survivor and have been rank 1 with both since I started playing DBD.

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