Dead by Daylight – The Twins Build Optimized for High Ranks


Welcome to our build for The Twins in Dead by Daylight. Our brand new The Twins build is optimized for higher ranks but can be efficiently played at any rank. What makes this build perfect is our ability to do map control. With this build, you can safeguard any generator or hooked survivor with Victor while chasing a survivor with Charlotte. You are basically playing two killers at the same time and making the most use of it! The Twins is a pretty difficult killer to play properly, but with this build and the included tips and tricks, it will be easy for you even if you are a new player.

Our The Twins build requires several unlockable perks from other killers, and we don’t recommend playing this build unless you have ALL the perks we mention.

Pros & Cons

  • + CRAZY map control.
  • + Very difficult to get looped by survivors due to Hex: Blood Favour.
  • + Insane rank climbing if you have good game and map sense.
  • + Ability to safeguard a generator/hooked survivor while chasing someone else!
  • – Can be difficult if you are a new player.
  • – Requires some perks from other killers.

Required Perks for our The Twins Build

We are only playing with one set of loadout for our The Twins build. This means you don’t need to swap between perks depending on what map you are going into.

Hex: Blood Favour – Requires The Blight level 35.
Blood favour is powerful against survivors trying to loop you. Due to the relatively short cooldown (40 seconds), we recommend that you try to unlock the very rare version as soon as you can.

Barbecue & Chili – Requires Cannibal/Leatherface level 35.
A must-have. The ability to see other survivors when hooking one is powerful. And the extra bloodpoints post-trial never goes wrong! With BBQ and Chili we can easily farm bloodpoints. Try to unlock the very-rare version asap.

Hex: Ruin – Requires Hag level 35.
Another must-have perk. It slows down the game by a lot, and we can safeguard the totem with Victor. There’s a huge difference between the basic and very-rare perk, so try to unlock the later as soon as you see it in your bloodweb.

Hex: Huntress Lullaby РRequires Huntress level 40.
Always try to get 5 tokens as early as you can. Huntress Lullaby makes survivors miss skillchecks quite a lot. Allows us to locate survivors trying to rush generators with Victor. Very rare version of huntress lullaby is recommended.

That’s all the perks you need to play our The Twins build for Dead by Daylight properly! We only stick with these four perks and don’t swap between other perks.

Best Add-ons for The Twins

Add-ons for our The Twins build are not necessary, but they help us win games easier. You can find the best add-ons for The Twins below.

Drop Of Perfume and Forest Stew.
Dead-By-Daylight-Drop-Of-Perfume Dead-By-Daylight-Forest-Stew
When a survivor runs near Victor, they get the oblivious status effect, making the survivor(s) unable to hear Victor and Charlotte’s terror radius. Once Oblivious has been triggered, quickly swap to Victor to hunt down the affected survivor. They won’t see you coming, and it should be an easy kill for you.

Spinning Top and Victor’s soldier.
Dead-By-Daylight-Spinning-Top Dead-By-Daylight-Victors-Soldier
Spinning top should be used when you are going against a premade team of survivors with flashlights. It’s very similar to Franklin’s demise, except the item doesn’t disappear in XXX seconds. We recommend using spinning top instead of Franklin’s demise. Victor’s soldier has the same effect as BBQ and chili but only affects the survivor that crushes Victor. It still works really well due to us playing as Victor quite a lot. We’ll get into that in a little bit!

That’s the best add-ons for The Twins and works perfectly with our build.

How to play our The Twins build

If you are inexperienced with The Twins, it can be difficult knowing when to play as Charlotte and when you should swap to Victor. Even experienced Dead by Daylight players struggle with that at times. Let’s go through how to play our The Twins build for Dead by Daylight.

Playing as Charlotte

Charlotte should always be played unless you are scouting generators. Think of it like this. Charlotte is your main, and Victor is your sidekick. If you are new to Dead by Daylight, it can be difficult to manage two killers properly. Ensuring maximum upkeep on Victor is a priority, even if he’s idling somewhere. Charlotte lacks in movement speed compared to Victor, especially if you are running our recommended add-ons that we mentioned earlier in our build. When you need to move fast, swap to Victor.

Playing as Victor

The moment a trial begins. You should swap to Victor and scout the generators located furthest away from where you spawn as Charlotte. The chances that you find a survivor repairing a generator is very high. Leap onto the survivor as Victor and quickly locate the struggling survivor as Charlotte to finish and hook them. If you can swap back to Victor, let him idle NEAR the hooked survivor. Dead by Daylight prevents you from idling with Victor next to the hook, so you have to be approximately 10-15 meters away from the hook. The moment another survivor goes in for a unhook, you’ll get a pulse notification similar to playing as Legion with blood frenzy on. Quickly swap back to Victor and target the injured survivor AGAIN.

At higher ranks, there’s a higher chance that instead of downing the injured survivor. Borrowed Time will trigger, but it still allows you to down the unhooked survivor again. Many people will call you a tunneler and camper, but at the end of the day, our goal is to kill the survivors, not hug them and let them win the game.

Best locations to idle as Victor

Idling as Victor means that you spawn Victor and let him sit somewhere on the map. You might ask yourself, “Why would I do that?” Well, the answer is straightforward. As mentioned earlier, when a survivor is near Victor, you will get a pulse notification that is very similar to Legion’s blood frenzy. Idling with Victor greatly improved our ability to down and hook survivors. But you shouldn’t just idle anywhere on the map. Let’s go through the best locations to idle as Victor.

  • Near a hooked survivor – This allows us to quickly down them again or injure another survivor.
  • Near our Hex totems – Prevents survivors from cleansing them.
  • Killer shack – Works even better if the killer shack has a basement. You can literally farm survivors the entire game.
  • A generator that’s almost repaired – I only do this when there’s 1 generator left, and it’s around 70-90%. In the early game, it’s not worth it because there are just too many generators.

Tips & Tricks

  • Hitting a survivor near a pallet will trigger Hex: Blood Favour. Utilize this to break loops.
  • Victor should have 100% uptime and always be idling somewhere unless you are scouting generators.
  • If no survivor is hooked. Idle with Victor close to your hex totems.
  • Survivors can smash Victor if you fail a leap. They can’t do it when you’re idling!
  • Key positioning with Victor helps you win games! Practice…Practice…Practice!
  • When you play as Victor, Charlotte goes invisible, and survivors near her won’t hear a terror radius! Use this to your advantage near key points of the game, like generators almost being finished.


What makes and breaks a person playing as The Twins is defiantly managing 100% uptime with Victor while securing kills as Charlotte. With our build, you are pointed in the right direction. You do need to practice several games before you get really good. The Twins is defiantly a meta killer and can totally shred survivors if played correctly. We hope you enjoyed reading our latest build for Dead by Daylight. If you have any questions regarding our build, please message us on Twitter.

Update Log

17.10.2021 Updated for Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter “Hour of the Witch”

Hello! I'm W3YBACK and I formerly played Overwatch for NRG but have since 2018 moved on to Dead by Daylight. I write about builds and guides for DBDMeta. In-game I flex between killer and survivor and have been rank 1 with both since I started playing DBD.

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